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BLACK AND BLUE was commissioned by the Yvonne Bechet Theatre Project in 2016 and inspired by the life of Yvonne Bechet, one of New Orleans' first Black female police officers. Based on oral histories, interviews with police officers and community members, and historical research, the play was written over the course of a year, workshopped, and finally produced at Dillard University in 2018. In a time of justifiably heightened tension between police and the Black community, the play was designed to explore methods of creating better relationships between the police and the community, inspired by the work of Yvonne Bechet, a living icon who bridged that gap for decades.  

yvonne bechet actress.jpg

Cherelle Palmer in the 2018 production of BLACK AND BLUE at Dillard University.

The world premiere of THE OTHER ROOM

at the Kennedy Center in 2008.

the other room premiere.png

THE OTHER ROOM won the 2008 VSA Playwright Discovery Award for its portrayal of a young man with autism and premiered at The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. By turns funny and heartbreaking, THE OTHER ROOM is a compelling and sensitive glimpse into a unique and misunderstood mind. The play is now published by Playscripts Inc and has been produced internationally more than 300 times.

YELLOW EYED CREATURES, a modern retelling of the Genesis myth, unearths a new interpretation of humanity’s tenuous bond with nature and the relationship between civilization and original sin. With an intimate cast of three and a raw, entirely natural outdoor setting, the play was produced in New Orleans City Park as part of Faux/Real Fest 2015. 

Linnea Gregg and Pearson Kunz in the 2015 Faux/Real production of YELLOW EYED CREATURES

yellow eyed creatures.jpg
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